Thyst is a timid and shy girl and is the main female protagonist of Puchi Carat

Manual DataEdit

Shyst / 2 February / Amethyst 

Second daughter of the Corandam family and Sapphire's younger sister. She has a weak personality, hates herself. She is secret adored by her elder and stronger sister Sapphire. She's 13 years old.

She has a weak personality and apologises all the time. Her elder and stronger sister Sapphire secretly adores her.

Character Edit


The youngest daughter of the Corandum family; Thyst appears to have little connection with her parents, judging from her complete lack of concern over her parents' disappearance / transformation, as well as a relative disinterest in her sister being a power-hungry sorceress, though it's quite possible she just doesn't openly express these concerns. Judging from her arcade ending, though, she does wish for her family life to be back to some form of normality.

Thyst's ambitions are rather loosely defined in contrast to everyone else's rather solid wishes, as her only desire is for a little happiness in her life. This can range from anything from reuniting her family again; to hooking up with Garnet; to even just winning a string figure competition. If it makes her happy, that's about the only quota she wants fulfilled from her wish. Outside of gemstone collecting, her only noticeable pastime is, you guessed it, making string figures.

Keeping up with the family tradition of being host to a smorgasbord of drama and angst issues, Thyst is shy and meek almost to the point of exaggeration; she's very uncomfortable when alone, or in crowds, or in strange places, or even just talking to regular people. She's even prone to breaking into tears when lost in a crowd. She does have the confidence to battle people for their Secret Stones, though not without apologising profusedly.

Being so shy and so pacifistic, it takes a lot for Shyst to actually make enemies - or friends, for that matter. She highly respects her older sister Sapphire, and is always reluctant to battle her for her gemstone. She does not recognise her parents in their new forms, but is frightened by By and upset by Peridot. 

She is childhood friends with Garnet and the two share a close relationship. Although poorly conveyed due to Thyst's shyness and Garnet's rather short attention span, the two share affection for each other, and two of Thyst's endings are of the two finally expressing their feelings for each other. 

She holds Paz in some degree of respect, based purely off what Sapphire had told her of him. Paz doesn't return the sediment.


Voiced by Asada Yoko

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