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A descendent of Crom, the scholar responsible for crafting the myths and legends surrounding the Gemstones.

Although a young and (usually) meek child, Rald is a very talented and capable individual who dabbles in science and robotics. He's really into his science. It's his one true interest, although we never see if he uses it to do things besides creating robots.

Rald's attitude is very temperamental; although described as a meek and quiet child, his actions in the stories are quite contradictory to that. Although a jolly-looking kid in his animations, he frequently has dark spells of cackling like a mad scientist. He's very protective of his work and his interests, though his short temper often gets the better of him; even the smallest remark about science can get his blood boiling.

Matters aren't helped by his "must-have" attitude - if he wants something, he wants it. He quite bluntly admits he'll steal the Secret Stones from others if they refuse to just hand it over, and at times he appears confused when people are understandbly upset over him trying to steal their possessions.

Because of the aforementioned personality problem and him spending all day working on his science projects, Rald has little in the way of relationships with other characters. 

He openly expresses his distaste for the magic users Paz and Sapphire; Paz gets the brunt of his hatred for being both a sorcerer and a statesman. Rald is eager to make them respect science, and in the case of Sapphire, even tries to teach her the ways of science in hopes of her abandoning her old ways, though neither are willing to, naturally. 

Although a minor tiff, he and Garnet have never met on friendly terms, mostly because every time Garnet shows up, he accidentally destroys one of Rald's robots. 

Rald is also frequently the recipient of Peridot's flirtacious advances, though that's more down to the kid being easily flustered and embarrassed than anything serious


  • Rald lives in a workshop in Brilliant City; Pearl & Dearl don't live far away from him, they can be seen in the Marketplace of the city.
  • Rald's name is translated correctly in all versions, though the control panel in his arcade ending mispells his name as "Rard." Amusingly, automatic online translators have a habit of translating his name as "Lard".
  • According to Rald's (very original) naming system, we can tell that he has created nearly three dozen robots. The ones that are named include:
    • Rald 28: Seen in his arcade ending. A huge blocky robot (larger than a mansion) used to dethrone Paz and destroy the statesmen's building. 
    • Rald 29: Seen in his first PlayStation ending. A kaiju-sized robot slightly similar to Rald 28, though this one goes on a city-stomping rampage. 
    • Rald 30: Mentioned in his arcade/Game Boy dialogue. Garnet accidentally crushes this one beneath his foot, so one can assume it's pretty tiny. 
    • Rald 31: Seen in his Game Boy ending. A line of robot clones of himself.