Welcome to the Puchi Carat WikiEdit

This is a wiki about a Puzzle game called Puchi Carat! Here you can find out all about it and if we're missing out anything, please don't be afraid to help!

What is Puchi Carat?Edit

Puchi Carat is a puzzle game developed and published by Taito, the people responsible for creations such as Bubble Bobble and Space Invaders. The game's story line is centred around GemStone, a world in which science and magic exist alongside one another. In this world exists 12 precious gems, which were all separated and given to 12 people who hold strong magical power. In every characters story they're on a journey to collect all 12 for themselves in order to discover and pursue their personal dreams.

Puchi Carat is a breakout clone which expands on the gameplay slightly by adding its own quirks, such as allowing you to choose characters and their color, the ball missing the paddle bringing the gems on screen downward as opposed to you losing a life, and having your game over ensue when a gem pushes below the bottom line.

Credits & Extra notes Edit

An extra special thanks to the guys over at randomhoohaas, without their translations and rips, this wiki would be much harder to provide information for and maintain.

I would also like to give a shout out to my little bro, 3krok, as he also, provided some rips for this wiki, helped write a few of the pages, and not to mention moral support, it takes a lot to be one of the only guys writing for the wiki, haha.

Why did I want to create this wiki? Well, it's because Puchi Carat is (strangely) an important game to me, I own multiple copies of the game just down to the fact that I have a huge love and passion for it, as well as the fact I grew up with the game. When I was a kid I didn't really know what I was getting into, hell, my brother and sister were just huge fans of Pokémon, and our little minds didn't quite comprehend that Puchi Carat and Pokémon were not the same thing. Sometimes I think people would cringe at that, but I think it's both funny and cute. I've played the game many many many times over the years, and even though it's just another Break-Out clone, it'll always hold a weird sentimental value to me, y'know?

Anyway, this wiki was made out of passion, I'm trying to provide the best information for the few people who care about this game enough to Google it. And hey! If you're reading this, then thank you! It means a lot to me that you'd check out the wiki, with or without prior knowledge of the game.


~ Sean