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Garnet Grossular is a playable character and the main male protagonist of Puchi Carat.


A feisty and energetic kid, he loves nature, and claims to hear messages in the wind which apparently guide him on his quest for the Secret Stones. He believes nature holds the greatest power and could top magic and science any day, though unlike Paz and Rald, he rarely engages in such arguments. Garnet's also a big fan of peace, and has a hate-on for politicians, blaming them for ruining the peace of the kingdom; one can assume his distant ancestor being a thief is the reason for this hatred of authority. Paz is the sole recipient of this anger, and Garnet considers him to be his greatest nemesis.

His ambition is generally to achieve world peace, though how he achieves that varies - sometimes it just involves kicking Paz out of parliament, on one instance he tries to make the world happier by creating a theme park, and sometimes he just announces that world peace has been achieved and leaves it at that.


Voiced by Motoko Kumai

Garnet Attack 1
Garnet Attack 1B
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Garnet Critical
"Huh!? I'm burning!" 「かぁ、暑いぜ」 "Aah! Atsui-ze!"
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Garnet Win
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Note: Garnet has a tendency to end a lot of his sentences with "ze" ("ぜ"), a rather rude and informal sentence particle used in Japan by almost exclusively men and boys.






  • Garnet is voiced by Motoko Kumai, a seiyu notable for portraying Syaoran Li in Cardcaptor Sakura and Takao Kinomiya in Beyblade.