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Character InfoEdit

A young fairy girl, C-Mond serves as the housemaid of the Imitation family, and is in a relationship with the unnamed young man of the household. Little is known of the Imitation family, outside of their distaste for science.

C-Mond and Mr. Imitation are infatuated with each other, and C-Mond wishes only to live with him for the rest of their lives. In fact, her sole ambition is to find her lover, who is said to have gone out to find the twelve Secret Stones himself - what his personal ambition is is unclear. Mr. Imitation is constantly referred to as "husband" by C-Mond, though the two don't appear to actually be married.

Being a maid, C-Mond is humble, caring and hardworking, and is never one to raise her temper. Her life appears to revolve around the wellbeing of her master, keeping a diary of her continuing quest to find him, and she dreads the thought of her man running off with another woman. She has issues with her small stature, and as such takes offense to a lot of remarks, size-related or otherwise, though she merely remarks that such comments are mean - she's not the kind of person who would insult people back for insulting her.


  • C-Mond is found by a port near a place named Baguette Lighthouse, patiently waiting for her husband to return. Oddly enough, the location is named after a food as opposed to a gemstone separating it from the other locations which are named after gemstones.
  • C-Mond's name is unique amidst the rest of the in game cast in that it isn't a gemstone's name or a piece of it, but rather a strange mess of it. The Gameboy Colour version of the game calls her "Seamond", and anything that's still pronounced the same way phonetically is still considered correct, which means it's just up to you to decide what to call her, I guess. 
  • Not many people are sure what C-Mond's name is actually supposed to mean, as she holds the Diamond gem and not the C...mond? It's confusing, no one really knows, let's not ask questions.